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Great YouTube Channels for development

YouTube has been in the press a lot as of late, there are many a bad thing with YouTube, however, like Twitter, I think it’s on par as one of the best free social media learning platforms. The wealth of information on YouTube is in it’s abundance. Controversial, but if you have AdBlock, then watching YouTube is a breeze. Although, I’d certainly argue that even without AdBlock, it’s worth watching an advert in return for learning.

My main problem with YouTube is it’s pretty saturated, finding a good YouTube channel with a host you like is hard work. You could have a very clued up teacher at school, but if you didn’t get on with him/her, then you will not learn. Teachers have got to be friendly/approachable and they have to teach well. Getting information across through a computer screen is a lot harder than in a class room, it’s a one way channel.

Another rating factor is aftercare. YouTube channel creators that reply to comments after helping people out are priceless. If you have a question about something they mentioned and you cannot find the answer for it, it’s pretty disheartening. We are going to write about premium courses in the nest few weeks and the bonus with those is they have online forums, so you will almost always get your question answered.

Here we will list our favourite YouTube channels.

Wes Bos is more well known for his premium courses, he primarily talks about new technologies within front-end development, be that CSS, JavaScript of general workflow hacks. His courses are usually focused on a single language or a single goal. As such his channel isn’t quite so active as others, but still worth checking out, and if not, I’d definitely recommend taking a look at React for Beginners, JavaScript 30 and ES6 for everyone.

MPJ’s channel is a JavaScript oriented channel, but it’s certainly not bland. He is the reason why this channel is so great, not just the content, but his personality makes you want to subscribe. Probably the least bland channel out of all of them. Sorry developers, we can be pretty dull.

Great for Laravel, Vue and general PHP.

This channel used to be a lot more active but they have now started to focus on premium courses via their website

The new kid on the YouTube block is Rob Hope, although not a development learning channel, I thought his round-ups are well worth a feature.


What do you think of the channels listed above? Do you have a favourite? Who do you watch/subscribe to.

Let us know, and get subscribing, it’s FREE content.


6 years ago